• Quality inspector


    Position Type:

    Duty Station:

    Release Time:2021-09-01

    Quality inspector

    12 hours and 6 days two shifts 3500-4200 yuan, local account priority

    Company benefits:

    *Good internal promotion system, employees can challenge multiple technical positions according to their own abilities, and the benefits will increase correspondingly if they are promoted successfully

    *Up to the contract period, including eating and working two meals, pay social insurance 5 insurance (old age, medical care, childbirth, unemployment, work injury)

    *The above types of work normally take one day off each week, and overtime may be arranged according to production and other conditions

    *Probation period 1--3 months (employees with good qualifications can be converted in advance to enjoy formal employee benefits)

    *Accommodation: 4 people/standard room (independent bathroom), rent 350 yuan/room/month (company subsidy 50 yuan/person per person per month), water and electricity bills are calculated separately, and the company’s payment will be deducted from salary

    *Working years wages: an increase of 1,200 yuan for every full year, capped in five years.

    *Year-end bonus: total salary of employees before tax in the previous year × year-end bonus position coefficient × department evaluation coefficient

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