Wuxi Yelong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. As a private company, in the past 20years of market training, it has developed into a large-scale processing enterprise focusing on casting, processing, stamping, and turning. Its products are mainly aimed at For the needs of the automotive industry, customers cover Europe, North America and Asia. In response to the above-mentioned products and customer needs, our company is leading the development of high heat-resistant steel materials in China, which contributes to the application of domestic gasoline engine turbocharging technology; it also enables Yelong to be in a technologically leading position in the market competition.

He has been engaged in the research and development and mass production of heat-resistant alloy steel (39% nickel, 25% chromium) materials for many years. The main products cover automotive engine parts, and the main production is automated casting, five-axis hexahedral machining, and welding assembly processes. The main production parts are the turbine housing and supporting assembly components, which are the key components of the turbocharger.

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